Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nowhere Men #1

Nowhere Men #1
W: Eric Stephenson
P: Nate Bellegarde
C: Jordie Bellaire

I love #1 issues. They open up with such promise and possibility. Each opened page could lead to the next book that I will love. Another thing that is great about #1 issues, especially for an unemployed vagrant such as myself, is a lot of them are free if you catch it at the right time on the Comixology show. The comic industry has learned a lot from the narcotics trade. If you are willing to give the consumer that first taste for free, and provide them with a quality product, you will have them hooked and wanting to spend more money on subsequent issues. This is especially true for books like Nowhere Men, which has a relatively unknown creative team (despite Stephenson having worked on many popular image books, and himself is a big wig at the company) and a fresh idea.

Nowhere Men starts out with a flashback set up years in the past. We see four brilliant scientist coming together to present an idea to a global organization. Flashback can be overused in comics. They can drag on for pages and really hinder a story. This is not one of those flashbacks. This last about 4 pages, shows one simple scene, and is just enough to let you know the personalities of the main characters in the book. The other great thing this book does is after a who's who style page right after to truly catch the reader up. 

The story then fast forwards. The Nowhere men are now the head of a corporation. There is a rift and the age old debate on whether scientific advances should be done for profit or simply for the good of man.  Simon, the leader, believes the profit will bring them forward to more advancements, but not everyone on the team agrees. 

We then meet the team being funded by the Nowhere Men. They have issues and seem to all be infected with some horrible pathogen out of every science fiction nightmare. I would think that future issues will jump between stories of the nowhere men that are funding the exploration, and the infected that were being funded. 

I thought this book was extremely well done, and if I had the money I would love to continue reading it. It does seem that this book suffers from a lot of the same things that most image books suffer from, horrible delays. This issue was released in November of last year and the next issue is not supposed to be out until July. I will definitely be looking for a comixology le on this though as I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm baaaaa-aaaaack

Long time no speak. A lot has happened since you last heard from me. I had a podcast, and hope to start that again called the F BombCast. I Had a job and lost that too. Most importantly to this blog, I really slowed down on my comic reading. This is not because I wasn't enjoying it, I still love comics and the medium. This was mainly due to the statement just before. I lost my job. Comic books are expensive, especially reading them on the level that I was. Anyone who says that comic books are a child's hobby, either know some independently wealthy or spoiled kids, or have no clue what they are talking about (I think it is the latter).

Also in this time frame I have gotten an iPad. I love my iPad and I tried reading comics digitally. I never thought I would like this. I've always been a more traditional guy in all aspects of my life, and I thought comics would be no different. Boy was I wrong. Everything is dependent on the app since each have their own different way to read, and I cannot stand some of them. This is why I will never read a Dark Horse comic digitally. The reading experience is horrible in my opinion. The top of the stack is Comixology with their guided view technology. This is perfect for me and luckily for me 90% of publishers are with them. Last is amazon with their hybrid of comixology and its own system. In a pinch I can use this and have, but I still prefer comixology. 

The other great thing about digital comics is the sales and the free comics.  So many of the smaller publishers offer free first issue and discounts to older comics as low as 99 cent issues. The big two have sales as well, with Marvel usually running a sale twice a week, and DC automatically discounting its comics that are over a month old.

Here is the plan, folks, I am poor as dirt right now, but I have accumulated a lot of these free and discounted issues. I am going to try and get back into the space of writing reviews and more importantly reading comics. I plan to do at least one review a week (hopefully more). That being said, since I cannot afford new issues, these will mostly be older stuff. 

Thanks for reading and it feels good to say again Thank God It's Wednesday. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moving Shop

OK Folks, I don't know if you all know this but I have a weekly podcast. It is called the F BombCast and it is a vile thing, full of pop culture, music, movies, and lots of comics.

We are up to episode 29 and you can get it on iTunes as well as at or at

I am going to keep this site going by my twitter feed, but all my reviews will now be on the F BombCast website.

I just did one today so check it out. Flash Rebirth #1 (i wonder if i liked it.) again head on over to and click on the reviews link, there is a bunch of other shit on there too, and don't be afraid to comment.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My haul

Well folks another Poor week for TJ.  Yep Daycare and rent is getting into the old comic funds.

Who would of thought that having a kid was so damn expensive.  Oh Wait... everyone?!? OK, i knew it was going to be expensive but Jesus really can't get my comics on a weekly basis.  Man she must be important to me, especially in a week where the next issue of Batman RIP comes out.

Oh well this made me a little sad so i decided to do something comic related anyway.  i put in my August order for DCBS.

Here is what I Ordered

Ambush Bug #4
Green Lantern Corps #29
Tor #6
Action Comics #870
The Authority #3
Final Crisis: Rage of the Red lanterns #1
Final Crisis: Resist #1
Final Crisis Submit #1
Final Crisis: Revelations #3
Kill Your Boyfriend 
Batman Ego and other Tales TPB

Astonishing X-Men Ghost Boxes #1
Uncanny X-men #503
Guardians of the Galaxy #6
Punisher #63
Immortal Iron Fist Vol 3 Book of Iron PHC
Punisher From First to Last TPB

Indie (and yes i put image and Dark horse in here)
Star Wars Legacy #29 (vector 10)
Golly #3
Sword #12
Terry Moore's Echo #7
Welcome to Hoxford #3
Crossed #1 (and i went for the edition that comes with a poster of the Cover of #0 signed by Ennis and Burrows)
Hatter M The Looking Glass Wars Vol 1 TPB

And of course previews.

Sorry i have been a lazy blogger these last two weeks but the way i look at it it gives some of you slackers a chance to get caught up. Plus i am getting over a horrible cold and don't really feel like typing.

Talk to y'all later


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Haul and Final Crisis

Ok Folks, My list of shit to get this week was only three comics so how the fuck did i leave the shop with 7. kev for once i am blaming you for at least one of them.

Anyway my haul this week is:

Final Crisis #3 (yeah Bitches)
Detective 847
Nightwing 147
Robin 176(yes i bought into the whole RIP scheme)
Green Lantern 33
The Boys 21
The Authority Worlds End #1 (This better be good Kev)

Ok folks i will give a shiny canadian nickel to the person that guesses the first thing i read.

You better fucking believe it was final crisis 3.

I was a little disappointed in the coloring of this issue.  the colorist was Alex Sinclair and for some reason he decided to make this issue very drab.  I have read plenty of things that are colored by him and usually he is very vivid and the colors just pop off the page.  I felt like i was reading this issue through a fog.  I almost wanted to break out the colored pencils myself here and brighten some of the pages up.

This story was like Grant Morrison saying to Geoff Johns.  "OK Bitch! I see you silver age and raise you with a heaping dose of the Golden age! What the fuck you got." (and kevin really does not want that question answered).  I mean we have fucking All Star Squadron, Alan Scott enacting shit from Roosevelt, fucking Streaky the Wonder Cat.  Holy fuck i think i am about to cum.... Wait for it... please last.... ok there is Dinah in her panties... ok release is done now i need to clean up.

The possibility of tow holders of the anti life equation and Mokari being able to build a computer virus that will infect the fucking world.  Jesus Grant a man needs to rest after that last explosion i can't go twice so fast.

Add on top of that Frankenstein from 7 Soldiers and the Question.  Grant, JG there is only so much in a man please let me take a nap.

Well i really need to relax or my heart is going to explode.

Talk to y'all later,


Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Haul

Well This week I actually only had one book at the shop so i decided to be a good boy and wait till next week to pick this up. I know that i have no self control so i would pick up a trade or two and spend way more then i would normally spend if I had a bunch of comics.

My one and only book was the new Green Lantern

Anyway What i will post here is what will be in My DCBS box that is coming this Friday.


Tor #3
Final Crisis Requiem #1
Action Comics #867
Boster Gold #1000000
Reign in Hell #1
Final Crisis Rogues Revenge #1
Ambush bug Year None#1
Green Lantern Corps #26
Justice LEague #23


Astonishing X-Men #25
Captain America #40
Invincible Iron Man #3
Thor #10
War is Hell #5
Punisher #59
Criminal Vol 3 Dead and Dying


Sword #9
totem #6
Echo #4
Zorro #5
Star Wars rebellion #15 (vector part 7)
Liberty Comics (CBLDF One Shot)
Ultra Vol 1 Seven Days

Back Issue #29


Mantle/Marris two pack from McFarlane Toys

I am really looking forward to the Reign in hell series.  I am hoping that they re introduce Etrigan in a big fucking way. I really see no other reason for them to go crazy and release the omnibus for this character otherwise.  i mean i really think that I am one of six people that have actually asked for it because we are Demon fans.  This character was left a shambles but the cock sucker that is john byrne.  I am also really looking forward to Ambush Bug because there is nothing better then a company that has the ability to poke fun at itself. And lastly, I cannot wait to read the trade Ultra.  This is the first book that the Luna Brothers put out for Image and a lot of people have told me that if you like Sword you will really like ultra.  Well I love the sword so I think i amy need a change of pants after Ultra.

Thats all for now Folks

Talk to y'all later,


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Starting Points For the DC Noob

OK Folks, Yet another plug for my show.  I am part of a fucktastic Podcast called the F BombCast. You can get it by going to and clicking the link on the bottom right of the home page.(i like putting all differnt ways you can get tot the show in each thread.)

Well we have a very loyal listener named Becca.  She is also a very loyal Marvel reader (don't judge people she has to start somewhere). But she has expressed a willingness to broaden her horizon in to the Wonderful World Of DC Comics.  She made a little mistake though. She decided to pick up a random issue of Green lantern and start there.  Now if there is one main stream character i would never suggest starting randomly on it is probably Green lantern.  his history i a slight bit convoluted and he is a little unknown, not like superman or batman where you would have to be a complete waterhead not to know their back history even a little bit. I mean sure you may not know what robin we're on or if this is Pre or post Crisis Superman (or even what the hell pre or post crisis even means) but the essence of the character is still the same. Not so with characters like Green Lanter, Flash, and don't even get me started on Hawkman or Legion.

So here is what i will do for all you marvelites that want to try the real capes company. You know the one that doesn't hold your hand with the "previously in" page and expects you to do a little homework to understand what the fuck is going on.  I have put together four tra
des that i think would kick start you into a life of good comics.  I should and probably will do more eventually but i do these at work and it really does take me a little bit to put these post together. So here we go:

Emerald Dawn-This is the retelling of Hal Jordans origin for only the second time.  This book is masterfully written by Jim Owsley, Keith Giffen, and Gerard Jones and drawn pretty well by MD Bright and Romeo Tanghal. This was released in 1988-1989 and was s six issue mini series to re introduce people to the character that before this point was relegated to the horrible Action Comics Weekly series.  This was suppesed to be a post crisi reboot just like Frank Miller's Batman: Year One and Satan's... oh i mean John Byrne's Man of Steel.  This is a really great read and will fully introduce you to Hal. Also pay attention to the name of his lawyer he 
happens to be a fave of mine (i think that is in this one but it may be
 emerald dawn 2).

Identity Crisis: This is probably my favorite book that has come out in the last five years. This Is written by Novelist Brad Meltzer and Drawn by fan favorite (but i hear writer hated) Rags Morales.  This book is basically a murder mystery and love story all tied into one demented bow.  So Much that is happening now in the DCU is related to this book, be it the mind wipe of Batman, to the spoiler of who the killer is, this book is awesome.

Next up is Superman For all seasons- This is a Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale collaboration.  As much as i am not really a superman fan, i love this book.  This book deals yet again with the origins of superman but relates all eras of his life with a particular season.  the writing is simple yet beautiful and the line work by tim sale can be described the same way.  A little side note about this book, this is the Trade that I gave Kev that got him to start buying comics again.  So some would say i am to blame for his lack of money but I would blame Loeb and Sale.

Last up for today is Flash: Born to Run.  This is by Mark Waid and drawn by Greg Larocque, Jim Aparo, Pop Mhan, and others.This story is about Wally West.  it begins with his time as  Kid Flash and learning how to be a speedster from Barry.  It follows his life up until he actually takes the mantle as the Flash.  really
 humorous and dramatic book of an adolescent not knowing what to do with his life and searching for the people that can help him.

So there are four books to start you on your way folks.  i didn't put a batman title because i already gave you five good ones last time out.  I may have to do one on Batman Year one and Dark Knight Returns Eventually but to be completely honest with you i don't hold those in such high regards as others (shhhh don't tell the DC Gods)

Talk to y'all later, 


Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Haul and my Surprising Read

Ok Folks it was an extremely light week and i didn't have much to read but here it goes.





Uncanny X-Men 500

I also got the first Morrison New X-Men Trade.

OK Folks if you know me at all then you know I am not a fan of team books nor am i a fan of Marvel or of things in marvel that are laden with huge amounts of continuity. 

So why did i pick this book up? Well my good bud Kevin is a X-man guy and i love talking comics with him so this gives me something to talk about. One of my listeners, Becca, is also an x-geek. so I would like more to talk about with her. Plus she is going to give DC a shot so i feel it is only fair.

This book was written By Bru and Fraction and drawn by Greg land.

The art was really good.  I am a big fan of Greg Land and feel that he is too criticized among the fanboy community. The only problem that I had with the art is sometimes when Land is drawing characters into the background he sometimes leaves off their faces.  C'mon man you want to leave some details off a building OK but Faces are a little important, especially when you are drawing a character whose powers are in His eyes.

The writing was great, if you know Bru and fraction (and by know i mean heard interviews with) then you can kind of tell who is writing which character. Cyclops is all Fraction. The wit, the humor, it was almost like listening to Matt on a panel.

The thing that was great about this book is that even though it is #500 it is a great starting point.  I didn't feel like i was missing out on anything having not read anything really before this.  The characters were well introduced and the villains were very well placed.  I know some of you(kevin) had a problem with way that Scotty boy was characterized. Sorry if he had a little personality now but this is something that always drew me away from the book, now i have a character that i can like (god help you Bendis if you make him a skrull).

So i am on for at least three more issues, but i may need your help Kevin and Becca, if things get caught up in continuity I may have questions.

Talk to y'all later,


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Music I like that might shock you

Hello all,  Well for those of you that don't know i do a podcast.  It is called the F BombCast and it is so fun i hope that i comes through on the "air." Get it Here

Well one of the segments we do is "Flashback" where we pick a year and talk about our favorite Movie, Music, and Television that premiered that year.

I've been told that i have a very eclectic Musical Selection so i am going to put up some of my favorite albums for y'all with a brief write up on each

Dr. Dre The Chronic: This album came out when i was a junior in High School. This is Melodic rap at its best.  Between the Jazz undertones and the George Clinton drops and the sultry rhymes this is quite possibly the greatest rap albums ever produced.

George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars: Greatest Hits. Speaking of the atomic dog here he is.  Talk about an awesome band.  The greatest Funk you will ever here.  I saw him in concert last year at a very small venue and man was it enjoyable.  i was surprised that i was not the only white boy in the lounge.

Phish A live one: OK folks I was a pothead.  I would smoke every chance i could. College was a real earth shattering experience for me because i could smoke whenever i wanted to and not be hassled about it.(well except for the law). One day i was walking and someone had this album playing and i stumbled into their room.  They whipped out a huge glass piece smoked with me and put on a twenty minute version of You Enjoy Myself and I was hooked.  They are probably one of my top five favorite bands.(hmm thats a list for the show)

Beatles Abbey Road: Fuck Sergeant Peppers, White album go fuck yourself.  This is the album. I believe this may be one of the finest things ever put on vinyl. From the wacky Ringo songs to come together to all the songs at the end intertwining with each other, this is pure musicianship.

Radiohead OK Computer: This is the album where radiohead stopped being a pop band and went with their artistic side.  The songs told a dismal future and the tale was amazing.  There is a story in the music and this is concept albums at its finest. Karma Police is the hit but man you really need to listen to this album from beginning to End.

Pink Floyd Animals: This is by far my favorite Pink Floyd album.  The story that is told is great, Yeah it is only four songs but this 50 minute album really is one of the greatest things that my ears have heard.

Well thats it for now folks, I was going to look for the album art for all of these but i am getting lazy as it is the end of the day so deal.

Obviously there is a lot more that i like besides this and i will post that too eventually, probably another day that i am bored and need something to post.

talk to y'all later


Monday, July 21, 2008

JLA 8 & 9

OK Folks the mind is a little foggy today so decided to go as straightforward as Morrison can go.  The Reviews for today are JLA 8 & 9.

This is a two part story that is written by Morrison and Drawn by Oscar Jimenez.

The art is so so for me.  There are panels that art great but then there are
 whole pages that are very murky. ( i am so pissed at fucking blogger right now because i cannot re size the image to the cover of 9. I don't know why this little shit pisses me off so much but i just want this to look semi professional. BAH!!!!) I was happy with the return of Howard Porter in the next arc but this wasn't so bad that it took me out.

The writing is well Morrison. I don't feel like typing this again so please just look down a couple of Posts to the JLA Vol 1 TPB one and it is all there.

This story is about Green Arrow (Connor Hawk) being brought into the fold of the JLA.  When he arrives he is confronted by a villain called "the Key".  This guy has taken all the Justice Leaguers and and put them into containers and initiated viruses into them that makes them see alternate realities of the past and future.  Superman is presented a ring with the death of Tomar Re, Batman is married to Selina and Tim is now Batman (please note this for Batman RIP) and Bruce Jr. is now robin, Flash was presented a speed ring from the death of a new god but his city becomes fast for an hour each day (everyone has flash like powers), Wonder woman is much like Lara Croft and is battling Nazi Zombies with Steve Trevor.  It really was interesting stuff. Plus we get the interludes of Conner having to use his father's trick arrows in order to help the league get out of the Jam.  This is such a fucking fun read. I got it in the second trade of the Morrison JLA run.

Like i said before, The JLA feels like Morrison for beginners but man is it getting very damn good.

Talk to y'all later,


Saturday, July 19, 2008

My DCBS Order for shit coming in September

OK Folks just put my DCBS order together for this month and man was it a little big.  If i got everything i wanted then it would have been around $180.  Well i realized that i like being married and there is no way that this would be acceptable. So Cuts had to be made.  I kept it under a hundred with shipping but this is still my highest order with just comics on it.

So here we go, On my order is:

Dark Horse
Star Wars Legacy #28

Final Crisis Revelations #2
Final Crisis Rogues Revenge #3
Ambush Bug #3
Secret Six #1
Reign in Hell #3
Tor #5
Action Comics #869
Green Lantern Corps #28
Jack Kirby's The Demon Omnibus
Crossing Midnight Vol 3 TPB

Golly #2
Dark Ivory #4
The Sword #11

Guardians of the Galaxy #5
Thor #11
Astonishing X-Men #27
Punisher #62
Marvel Boy PHC

Echo #6
Welcome to Hoxford #2

So all in all, a pretty fucking big month for me.  19 comics, 1 Hardcovers, and 2 Trades.  

The things that i cut are : Punisher by Garth Ennis Omnibus, Absolute Watchmen, and Camelot 3000 HC.

I cannot wait to get that Demon Omnibus.  My Favorite Character with his begin tales all in one place.  if i knew one thing about this order it was that book was untouchable.

So there's my list folks, 

Talk to y'all later


Friday, July 18, 2008

My top 5 semi recent Batman Tales

OK Folks, I posted this on my forums over at the Comic Forums but decided to post this here as well. (BTW you can read our forums at

I am really psyched for this new Batman Film.  Since i began reading comics he has been my guy.  I love all thing Batman, Flash and Green Lantern, and from the early reviews this movie seems to be the bomb yo. (that little shout out is to Kevin)

So that got me thinking about different Batman stories that I have read through the yea
rs and there are five that stick out to me. Oh I will be spoiling so shit in them so if you want to avoid the list and just look at the titles go ahead (I'll let you this time.)

So away we go (in no particular order because that would be too much fucking work.):

Arkham Asylum: This is the First Trade I ever purchased.  i was a wee lad  (well i never really was wee) of 13 and bought what i thought was a straight up Batman Joker story.  Man this book should not be read by children under the age of 25.  this is a scary ass book.  Written by the master of Mind Fucks Grant Morrison, this deals with the Joker taking over the asylum and dragging batman down the road of mental despair.  Beautifully illustrated by Dave McKean (most famously know as a collaborator with gaimen) this book will screw with your mind and should probably have the vertigo label slapped on it.  

The Long Halloween: This is basically a Bruce Wayne/Batman and Harvey Dent Story. 
This is the book that introduced me to the Potential of Tim Sale Art.  The first Loeb/Sale collaboration i got was Superman for all seasons which a great story but I have never been that much of a superman guy so it didn't drag me in like a lot of other people.  There is on full page picture of the Joker Just smiling
 that i think is one of my favorite panels in comics.  And the twist at the end of this book Blew my mind apart.  What great shit.  I really hope that Captain America White brings Loeb back into his A game because what he was and what he has become are certainly two different people.

Knightfall: Now I know that this is the one I will probably take the most shit for.  This book has a lot of sentimental value for me.  See i wasn't like a lot of you that started to read comics when you were little kids.  i started when i was 13 and only because i had a buddy whose aunt was a colorist for DC.  he would get her box of Comped comics and give me a lot of them.  Knightfall was the first comic that I sought out to buy.  This is the story of Bane and his plan to take out the bat.  What happened afterwards was atrocious (and yet another stinky ass thing that Joe Q was attached to.) The one issue that really stands out for me is the One that has Tsasz terrorizing a girls school and holding them hostage by knife point.  Really well written and scary.

Detective Comics #826 "Slayride":  Now I may catch some heat for this one too because this is not really a Batman story.  This story centers around Robin and the Joker, and it is in this issue we get to see some of the most demented Joker scenes of the past couple of years. The one that always stands out to me is where he pulls up to a fast food drive through and they screw up his order.  Instead of complaining he simply pulls out a gun and shoots the window attendant in the face. Plus he has funny quips the whole time.

The Killing Joke:  OK I know i said that these are in no particular order but This one is I think the greatest batman story ever crafted.  yet again Very little Batman involved but the back story of the Joker and the torture and torment that he puts the Gordons through is astonishing.  This is the book that has set the status quo for a lot of characters.  The joker had a history that was comprehensible (DC still has not confirmed the cannon of this history but i like to think it is the definitive origin); This story is the creation of Oracle; This is the story that give Jim Gordon a reason beyond that of just a crime fighter to hate the Joker.  The art is amazing and the story is two shades of awesome.  I think if there is one batman story that all comic readers should read, this is the one.

OK Folks, Thats my top five list for now.  I'm sure as i hit the publish post button some other story will pop into my head but as of right now these are the first five i can think of.

Talk to y'all later,


Thursday, July 17, 2008

My haul Flash and Guardians of the Galaxy

OK Folks I made it to the shop this week and actually picked up some books.

I got  (and surprise surprise i still have the note on my iPod so the numbers will be here):

Spiderman 565 & 566 (and officially told my dude that i am done).
Detective 846
Spawn 180
Guardians of the Galaxy 3
Flash 242

Pretty good week.  Must tell you it was kind of sad telling my guy to stop putting spidey in my box.  Maybe I will still pick it up afterwards but now I am not obliged.

Anyway the first book I read over my Italian sub from Jersey Mike's was Flash 242. man was this book awesome. Freddie is really amping it up with the art here.  There was one page that showed half a flash face with half a disintegrating face of another character.  Really good.  Don't know if he will make this page available but if so I really want it.  This is the penultimate issue of the Spin/Grodd. We meet a character that has to be based on the Morloch Leech in looks and in Power (sort of). In stead of leaching powers this character he takes their emotions and sends them out to everyone around.  he had used this power for happiness but now the news organization is using him for fear.  Shit i am getting long winded but overall we see Iris (the daughter not the Grandmother) rapidly age... Get a great set of cans... and ***SPOILER*** she dies in a very horrific manner (well maybe but the coming up section has the unfortunately cryptic Did She?)

Second book was Guardians of the galaxy and man was this book great.  Not going to spoil to much but there is a couple of panels between Mantis and Major Victory. Major Victory has just come out a coma and Mantis is questioning him.  She says to him "So you were part of a group called Guardians of the galaxy?" MV says "Yes." Mantis returns with "So what did you do?" His response "Guard the Galaxy?" I don't know why but this had me laughing.  I really enjoyed this book a lot and can see myself getting this till its canceled. ( and lets not kid ourselves folks this book will eventually be cancelled so i am saying maybe 24 issues if we're lucky.)

Well thats all for now.

Talk to y'all later


Monday, July 14, 2008

Last weeks Haul

Well, Well, well looks like I missed a Haul post and no one noticed ( sort of a zen thing; If someone forgets to post to a blog that has no readers does anyone care)

Well there sort of is a good reason for the no Post:  I didn't get any fucking comics.  

i only had three coming out so i decided to save them for this week.  but on the other hand i made a comics related purchase.

I shot down to best Buy (man good thing i put that "to" in there otherwise the meaning is completely different and I may have police looking for me.  On that note has anyone here seen the great Gene Hackman movie "The Conversation".  Seriously if you have not then go see it.  Such a good movie based on the importance of infliction.)

Anyway at Best Buy I got:

Batman Gotham Knight
Batman: TAS Volume 3
Batman: TAS Volume 4
and a pink Ink Cartridge (well that's not comic related but I'm sure they use pink ink somewhere)

So i sat down with my Seven Month old on Saturday afternoon and watched Gotham Knights.  I know... i know PG 13 and seven months not right, but hell she has more fun playing with me on the floor while we watched then i think she has had yet.

Gotham Knights was very good. I loved the animation of the backgrounds and the lines were great.  The face models had a little bit to be desired and some had Bruce way to fucking young. 
 I seem to be in the minority here as a lot of people thought it was very boring.  i on the other hand loved the drama that was in each of these 20 minutes shorts.  Yes the first three were a little slow moving but the character profiles that were made here were great and the last three made the movie totally worth the purchase.  The Deadshot one alone was so good i may have paid money for it. I Can't wait to delve deeper into the second disc that has a boss Bob Kane Documentary on it.

OK That's it folks, Go get this disc,